Aligning supply chain strategy with broader business objectives is becoming more and more critical for companies across a variety of industries in the face of growing global competition and shrinking margins. KSP methodology, strategic alliance with world leading suppliers combined with sector expertise brings value to our client supply chain needs. We focus on individualized corporate needs of customer, thereby working together with them towards better organization performance due to increased dependence on supply chain.

Under KSP, we perform the following services activites:

  • Establishing requirements of clients
  • Supplier development for multi product lines and developing Supplier/Customer Relationship for optimized supply chain support
    Selection of most suitable suppliers for product and services
  • Managing Commercial and Technical Offers from best suppliers as per customer specifications
  • Negotiating Commercial and Technical offers from best suppliers on behalf of client
  • Vendor Data Control
  • Providing order tracking support (OTS) till the delivery and
  • Ensuring quality, timeliness and promptness at every stage of supply chain support service.



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